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Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas on sale at Rite Aid!

Woo Hoo! Christmas stuff is now 90% off at Rite Aid! I got all this:
  • 6' Christmas tree
  • 3' Christmas tree
  • seven boxes of 100 Christmas lights
  • seven rolls of wrapping paper
  • four Santa hats
  • Nativity snowglobe,
a $116 value, for $10.60! And, I had +Up Rewards for all that, so I only had to pay tax out of pocket! Yeah for Christmas in January!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Storage containers and toys at Walmart

I love after Christmas sales! Currently, Walmart has their Christmas stuff WAY marked down. These tubs (a set of three smaller or two larger) are on sale for $0.05 per set! Do you realize you could get 60 of the smaller ones, or 40 of the larger ones for $1!

I know, what do you need Christmas colored tubs for? Think out of the box (or tub!) Use these to pack meals you take to someone who just had a baby. At $0.02 each, there is no worry about getting them back. Package kids craft project parts, legos, puzzles, crayons, the list is endless. I may have to go get some more myself!

Also, Walmart has a lot of their toys marked down up to half off. They have had a few back in the garden section, but when I went today, there was a whole aisle, both sides, filled with newly marked down toys. Not all of them are half off, some only a few bucks, but it is a good time to get the gifts you will need for birthdays for the rest of the year, or heck, even the coming Christmas!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Amazing Sales This Week!

Wow! This is a GREAT week for sales at Rite Aid and Walgreens! Rite Aid is printing up unadvertised +Up Rewards on lots of stuff (Barilla pasta, Hormel Completes) that actually makes them free! Plus, with the great coupons in Sunday's paper, Motrin PM and Tylenol pain patches and cream, Rite Aid is actually paying you to buy them! Needless to say, I stocked up! I paid a few bucks in tax, but got $228.9 worth of stuff for better than free!

And, Walgreens has some great deals as well. They have a bunch of their make-up and Pantene products on clearance, and with coupons from the past month, many of these are super cheap, free, or they pay you to buy them! All this coupon clipping is really paying off. Usually I go in with a list and the coupons I need already in hand. However, I took a detour to walk down the aisle with shampoo and was rewarded. Some of the Pantene is down to $1.30-$1.70 per bottle. With the $3/2 coupon from (I think) the 12/26 PG, these were better than free! I may have to walk stray aisles more often! Also, they have kids gummy vitamins priced at $5 per bottle, but you get a $5 Register Rewards for the purchase. Make sure you only do one per transaction, or you only get one RR. However, I will be stopping by several times this week to pick them up. I will use the RR to buy dog food, which I need anyway, and then the vitamins will be FREE!

So, how do you find all the deals? I go to Hip2Save for all my deal info. There are other sites out there, but this one gives great bang for the Buck!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What a haul!

And, this is why I love RiteAid! I got all this (I am not even going to take the time to list it all), a $366.20 value for...$13.19! That includes coupons and +Up credits, but is the actual value. Can you believe it?

A lot of this stuff is the 75% off after-Christmas, but a lot of it was super good deals. And, if you are interested, look here for the info. If you are local and don't have coupons, give me a holler, I have a bunch of extra left!
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